About the Author Rhonnda Fritz

About the Author Rhonnda Fritz

“Hypnosis is a very powerful tool that allows you to connect with your unconscious mind at a very deep level. I have assisted hundreds of clients over the past 20 years to live healthy, happy and successful lives using very powerful tools. I have also trained and certified many students who are now using hypnosis to make a difference in their client’s lives.

The realm of the unconscious mind is mysterious to us and unfortunately we are not taught how to communicate with this extremely important and powerful part of our being. Hypnosis teaches us to communicate with the unconscious mind and in so doing empowers us to create success in every area of our life because once you live your life in tune with your unconscious mind, magic begins to happen. When magic happens, our life becomes transformed and for me that is truly exciting….”

Rhonnda Fritz is a modern-day Muse who, for over twenty years, has been totally dedicated to transforming and empowering people to discover and celebrate their inner magnificence. She is an exciting, charismatic, transformational trainer in the dynamic field of accelerated human change and development. She has inspired many to increase their productivity and income, enhance their career prospects, be more successful communicators, set and achieve their desired goals, improve their health and fitness, and has helped many to overcome personal emotional blockages and limiting decisions that prevent them from living the kind of life they want.

Rhonnda is a highly sought after Business and Personal Success Coach, Trainer, Professional Speaker, Writer and Astrologer who has the philosophy that all people have an inner desire to be the best they can possibly be and that they create what they want in life as they go along. Unfortunately, what they want is not always what they get, so Rhonnda teaches them how to read the signposts of life and to create exactly what they want in their life.

Rhonnda also runs an exclusive luxury Retreat Tour through Egypt each year for small groups of people looking to not only explore Egypt but to also revitalise and make changes within themselves. Guests have exclusive private visits to many of the sites when they are closed to other tourists which allows them t experience the powerful energy that still flows through the sites of Egypt even after thousands of years. Rhonnda also works with other personal development trainers and spiritual leaders facilitating and arranging retreats in Egypt for their groups. She is always open to working with new trainers and leaders who want to take advantage of the powerful transformative energy that Egypt provides so contact her to discuss your vision and she will be able to bring it to fruition for you.

Check out her website, book a session with her, enrol in an upcoming workshop or training or make a booking for the next Journey of a Lifetime Retreat Tour of Egypt and discover a doorway to a new you.

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