Astrological Coaching

Astrological Coaching – Unlocking the Doorway to Your Future Success

Astrological Coaching - The Doorway to Your Future Success

I’ve been an astrologer for around 20 years and from the very beginning I have looked for ways to use astrology to enhance my life and the lives of my family and clients.  It was in fact while working with my astrology clients that led me to do further study in coaching techniques, conflict resolution, counselling, Neuro Linguistic Programing, Time Line Therapy(TM) and because I needed extra skills to assist my clients while they were in my office to clear away their negative baggage and give them back the freedom to live their life on their own terms.

For too long, astrology has lived in the realms of the entertaining soothsayers who churn out horoscope columns by the truckload for magazines and newspapers all around the world. Now the internet has joined the party. I don’t have a problem with astrologers earning their living by writing horoscope columns, but sadly most people when you ask them about astrology will describe what they read in one of these horoscope columns. There are some very good horoscope writers out there but there are also some that are not so good. There have also been instances where papers have simply done a cut and paste from several columns to create a column for their paper.

Let me tell you, horoscope columns are not astrology. They are for entertainment purposes only. Since 2003, I have been writing articles for magazines that educate people and highlight the benefits that using astrology can bring to a person’s life. I have resisted the many approaches I have had to write horoscope columns.

As well as being an astrologer, for a number of years I have been an executive success coach, trainer and professional speaker assisting people in both their business life and their personal life to create exactly the kind of lives they want and in the process to eliminate the “baggage” that holds them back. My main focus is assisting people to create success in every area of their life.

Astrology has played a very big role in the work that I do. Astrology is the most accurate profiling tool on this planet. Once I have somebody’s date of birth I am able to discover a lot about the way they think, their emotions, their ego, their talents, how they deal with responsibility and opportunities, their ability to be flexible and their energy source and so much more. I am also able to see what has been happening in their life in the past that has affected them and especially where they are now. And that is just with the date of birth. Add in the time of birth and the place of birth and they become an open book. As a Coach and trainer, this information allows me to get to know my clients and students on a very deep level and I’m in an extremely good position to assist them to get to where they want to be in their life and to do it in half the time it would normally take.

Astrology Coaching is a branch of astrology that assists you to make lasting changes in your life. My clients come to me usually seeking a way out of the crisis – usually if they come to me because of my connection to astrology, they are looking for predictions for a rosy future. I could give them that and send them away, but I would be doing them a dis-service and wouldn’t be helping them at one of their crossroads in life. A crossroad where meeting someone like me who can see just about every aspect of who they are, who understands them and the crisis they are facing and who can help them beyond it in a way that changes their life in a positive way forever.

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Astrology Helps You to Break-free and Live Your Life On Your Own Terms

I tend to shake up the way that my clients think when they come to see me. They come to me usually at some crisis stage in their life. They usually know what the problem is, but they are so bogged down in the issues, that their model of the world at this point is very narrow and rigid, and there’s not a whole lot of room for movement in either direction.

In order to make a change you have to first be prepared to do whatever it takes to move yourself away from the place you are in now – to step out of the comfort zone. In the comfort zone things are ok – not exactly the way you want them, but they aren’t that bad either. But in order to make a difference in your life you have to be prepared to get out of your comfort zone – to step outside into the new and untried because that is where your opportunities will come from.

If you want to make a real difference in your life, you have to be prepared to take charge – to step outside of your comfort zone and allow new things to come into your life – to embrace the opportunities and turn them into exactly the kind of life you really want.  Astrological Coaching clock

In working with my clients in coaching sessions, I listen to them talk as I take down a detailed personal history. As they talk I have one eye on their birth chart and make notes on the chart. Sometimes they are aware that I am incorporating astrology into my information gathering but mostly my clients are not aware that I have even analysed their chart prior to the session. I usually spend a couple of hours analysing their chart before I see them, so during the session I make notes on the chart as they speak about the events in their life that have led them to this crisis and fill in the blanks of my pre-session analysis of their personality and psyche.

I believe that the role of the consulting astrologer in the 21st century is to assist their clients to change their life and to learn how to create their future. We are no longer just soothsayers – we are also healers but not healers who hand out band aides for problems. We have the ability to see very quickly into the heart of the issue and with a few extra skills that come from technologies like Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP), Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis, we can literally change a person’s life. In doing that, we can create a ripple effect because in changing one person’s life you usually also change the lives of many people who are associated with them – people who you will never see or even know about.

I get my clients thinking differently. I do that by talking to them about cause and effect and shaking them out of their comfort zone. Often they will deny that they have caused what is happening to them – some will even get angry or agitated that I would be so daring as to suggest something like that. The job of the coach is to loosen up their client’s grasp on their problems get them thinking about something else. If they get angry I note it down.  I talk to them about the issue of cause and effect and how they are the architects of their life creating everything that occurs in their life.  They may even burst into tears and many will take me to task on the concept of cause and effect and will say something like “what about abused children – they don’t cause that to happen”.

Of course morally, ethically and consciously they don’t and kids can’t in our eyes be held responsible for what some mongrel adult has done to them. But unconsciously and at the soul level, they have created it. How it affects their life in the future will be their choice. I tend to not dwell on my client’s objections or buy into the argument. If they get into this, I usually start talking about it and change the subject abruptly.

But my client may try to hold fast to their issues and there is a very handy technique in called reframing where you change or reframe the meaning of what someone is saying to get them to see the issue from another angle. All this is designed to loosen them up so they get room for new perspectives and healing. At this stage you want them in a kind of confused state and you can compound that further by talking about their chart and where they are at right now.

Now before I begin to shake them up I have of course gained a state of rapport with my client. Trying to make changes without rapport is a recipe for disaster.

So what I would like you to take away from this is a willingness to shake up your own model of the world – to look at astrology with a brand new vision and use it to create your life rather than looking to it for the reasons why your life isn’t working.  Astrological Coaching - Unlocking the Doorway to Your Future Success

Astrology is an extremely powerful language and the more you learn the more you realise there is to learn because there are endless ways of applying it. In my book “Astrological Coaching – The Doorway to Your Future Success, I give some interesting ways to create success in communication through the planet Mercury, ways to develop and maintain successful relationships through the planets Venus and Mars, and ways to create success in all areas of your life through the planet Jupiter while the chapter on Life Cycles gives some very interesting insights into dealing with crisis at major life cross roads that every single one of us must get to at some point in our life.

Why not call me and book an astrological coaching session with me.   If you have been trying to sort out an issue without much success through traditional counselling sessions this may just be the missing link that will help you to resolve the issue and move on with your life.

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