Astrology Unlocks Your Inner World

Astrology Unlocks Your Inner World & Allows You To Create the Life You Want Once You Tap into the Knowledge it Reveals to You

What is Astrology and How Can it Change Your Life?

What is astrology, how does it work and what use can it be for me? These are all frequent questions people ask me and there was a time when I asked these very same questions. Like so many people, all that I knew about Astrology was what I read in the newspapers or magazines. I would look up my horoscope every day and sometimes it would be highly accurate and other times it was not. I also wondered why it is that you could get a different interpretation depending on who wrote the horoscope column. So for a long time Astrology was just a bit of fun for me and I really didn’t believe in it or take it very seriously. But all that changed when I hit a major crisis point in my life and the only person who provided me with a lasting and workable solution was an astrologer.  He succeeded where many traditional therapists and counsellors failed.

possibilities are endless

Possibilities Become Endless With A Deeper Understanding of Who You Are and the Untapped Skills You Have.  Astrology is an Excellent Tool to Use to Learn About Yourself at a Deep Level.

So why would you want or need to know and understand astrology? There are many ways that I could answer that question. One of the reasons I could give is that knowing astrology gives you an insight into the rhythm and cycles of the Earth. Astrology and Astronomy were once two sides of the same science and today most astrologers will have a good knowledge of astronomy. Just as the phases of the Moon have some very obvious effects on us here on Earth, so do the other planets in our solar system.

astrology cyclesFor thousands of years, our ancestors have been observing the cycles of the planetary movements and have been recording the effects these cycles have had on the Earth and more importantly, on the people. They first noticed the effects that the phases of the Moon had on people and particularly the Full Moon and the New Moon. Things seem to just go chaotic during a full Moon. Talk to anybody in the police force, emergency services, hospitals, or even prisons and they will all tell you that they prefer not to be working during a Full Moon because it seems like all the crazy people come out and the world just seems to go mad. Similarly the New Moon which is the Moon phase where the Moon is not visible to us, creates dramas as well but there is a greater sense of optimism at a New Moon. Traditionally people have found that when you begin new projects on a New Moon they will turn out successfully and if you want to put an end to something that isn’t working, the Full Moon is the time to do it.

The planet Mercury also has some very obvious effects on the earth for approximately 3 weeks and about 3 times a year. During these periods the orbit of Mercury slows down and gives the impression from Earth that it is moving backwards. Mercury has proven to affect us on Earth in the area of communication and travel so when Mercury slows its orbit (or retrogrades as astrologers and astronomers refer to it), communications and travel plans seem to go crazy. For instance, people don’t seem to return your phone calls or public transport runs later than usual and there seems to be more misunderstandings between people. Emails have a tendency to get lost as does mail and there are usually delays in airline travel.

All the planets have an effect in our daily lives.

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scattered astrological signsAstrology is an ancient art and science that has been practiced since the time of the Chaldeans of Babylon in the 18th Century BC. Initially it was believed that the Earth was the centre of the Universe with all the other celestial bodies rotating around it. This belief remained until the Middle Ages in the 16th and 17th Centuries AD when Copernicus and Kepler made technical advances with the telescope and made the discovery that the Sun is the centre of the Solar System and not the Earth.

The Ancients studied the night sky and made meticulous notes of the movements of the stellar bodies and planets as they moved through the 12 Constellations that they named after familiar animals from Earth. To them, the vastness of the night sky was both marvellous and alarming. By placing landmarks in the sky – elements and forms of life belonging to them – they were able to establish a link with the heavens. They spoke to the sky, and amazingly they received answers.

All around the world you find structures that were created specifically to chart the movement of the heavens and our ancestors have left much of the data carved in stone. The oldest known representation of the zodiac can be found in the temple at Dendera in Egypt and dates approximately from the period of the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great in 332 BC.

The word “astrologer” (from the Greek astron, star, and logos, speech) translates as ‘the one who talks to the stars.’ One could also add that the astrologer is the one who the stars also speak to.

Astrology is a language of symbols and once you have trained your unconscious mind to read and understand the symbols, it works like a computer quickly interpreting any chart you look at.

There are many other reasons why knowing the language of astrology is a great idea. For instance, just by knowing somebody’s date of birth, without even knowing a time of birth, some astrologers are able to tell you about how you communicate, your preferred learning style, whether you prefer to read things or have things explained to you verbally. They are able to tell you about your emotions and a lot of information about your home life. They are also able to tell you about your special talents, your financial situation, your love life, the opportunities that you have around you in fact they can tell you just about anything you would like to know about yourself. I happen to be one of those astrologers. Now if you add in the time and place of birth, you have virtually given an astrologer the keys to knowing all there is to know about you. Just begin to imagine how knowing even a little of that information could assist you in your life.

I can’t tell you exactly what is going to happen in your life in your future because that is up to you to create. But I can open the door to the possibilities and opportunities that exist that you may not be aware of and especially I can advise you on the right time to do things to ensure that they turn out successfully.

Astrology the Doorway to Your Future Success


Astrology has evolved through many guises over the centuries. It has had the ability to evolve as the world around it changed. Right now the world is progressing through a major change in its evolution. Climate change has happened many times before and in fact whole civilizations and species have been lost as a result of it. For all the loud noise that is being shouted about the warming of the planet and all the other dire predictions we hear with regard to the future, there is nothing that we can really do in the big scheme of things to stop this happening. We just happen to be the generations that are alive at this time who are destined to go through these earth changes.

Today we are surrounded by people, politicians, advertising, corporations and media who are all endeavouring to control the way we think. Without realising it, so many of us are just blindly following what we believe to be true and living our lives according to that truth. But what if there was another version of the truth and you had complete control over how you live your life? How would you choose to live your life if you could design your life exactly the way you want it? You can… and I can show you how.

This is what modern day astrology is all about for me. It’s about empowering people and giving them the tools to transform their lives in the way that they want.

Everyone can be in control of their destiny and create the future that they want because everyone is already creating their future, just not always in the way that they intend. Astrology opens the doorway to the future and allows you to understand the way you are living your life and in doing that, makes it possible for you to make more informed choices.

Astrology is a language everyone should know, so do yourself a favour and enrol in an astrology course and learn the basics. You will be amazed at how this doorway can open up opportunities in your life and help you to overcome adversity – sometimes even before it comes knocking at your door and that I think is worth the price of the training. Knowing astrology certainly gives me many advantages to create a successful life in all areas of my life and I show many students how to do it during my trainings.

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