How We Communicate With the Outside World To Create Our Life

How We Communicate With the Outside World To Create Our Life

There are a few simple beliefs that, once accepted and adopted, can change your attitude to success. Firstly, I would ask you to accept that there are many things in our Universe that we are still in the process of discovering and that an open mind can gather more information than a closed one.

Hypnosis Sunshine Coast Man Serving Tennis BallAt any given moment in time, each of us has in excess of 2 million bits of information coming at us each second and as technology advances this number is growing at an alarming rate.

Unfortunately, our brain is only able to process around 134 bits of information per second and even that is processed through a filtering system where the information is either deleted, distorted or generalized in order for us to easily process the information.

The information then flows through another network of filters that include our values, belief systems, our memories, past decisions and the general way we communicate. The rest of the 1,999,866 bits of information are either lost or processed through the unconscious mind.

Is it any wonder then that the information that we take in from external sources may sometimes not necessarily be the way it really is and in fact our perceptions could be totally wrong – there could even be so much more that we missed.

What most people don’t realize is that the information we take in and the way in which we filter and process it determines how we feel inside which in turn influences our external view of the world.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have total control over the way you feel and to free your body from illness and disease – to have all the energy and fitness you require readily available to you, to do whatever you want, when you want to do it?

Life Coaching Sunshine Coast Jubilant BusinesswomanWouldn’t it be great to have the skills to create powerful thought patterns and goals and then to successfully bring them to life?

Wouldn’t it be great to have satisfying, loving relationships that enrich your life and empower you to further achieve your goals?

Wouldn’t it be great to be successful in your business or your career – to have financial freedom and to really enjoy the work you do?

Wouldn’t it be great to be in instant rapport with everyone you meet and to have them readily support your ideas and goals?

Wouldn’t it be great to have no limitations and have no emotional blockages holding you back?

Just imagine becoming the person you really want to be and having the life you want…… Exciting thoughts are they not? It sure would be nice if it was possible to have all that in this lifetime and to know how to make it happen. It all seems rather grandiose and bordering on fantasy, right? Wrong!! You can have all this and more if you so desire.

There are thousands of self-help books out there and just as many training courses all of which are presenting the same variation on a theme, which is, to show you how to be in control of your life every moment of every day and in so doing have everything you desire. But have you noticed that most of those books give you information but they don’t give you the “how to” steps and many of the training courses make you feel good for the time you are doing them but after a while you return to your old self?

Surely there must be something out there that not only gives you the “how to” steps but also makes a permanent change in your life and makes you feel good. Well you may be excited to learn that there is something out there that fulfills all those criteria.