Hypnosis Tools For Success

Hypnosis Tools For Success

The First Tool you need is the ability to relax deeply. You do this by taking several very deep breaths, in and out, and as you breathe in and out focus your attention on your breathing. Notice how when you close your eyes and breathe deeply how your head seems to move ever so slightly backwards and forwards as you breathe in and out. This is all you need to take yourself into a self induced hypnotic trance.

I Can Assist You to Put Your Success Jigsaw TogetherThe Second Tool you need applies when you are working with others to assist them into trance. The most essential tool for this is a hypnotic voice that has a deep, calming and soothing quality. When people listen to you speak they need to be lulled into a state of trance just by listening to your voice. Your voice needs to sound like liquid honey flowing off a spoon. Don’t be tempted to speak too softly because your subject needs to be able to hear what you are saying. If you speak too softly, it will prevent your subject from relaxing because they will be straining to hear what you say instead of concentrating on going into a deep trance.

The Third Tool you need also applies when you are working with another person. You need to have an ability to understand the core of a problem and to create solutions that the unconscious mind can accept and react to. Now quite often the client will come to you with a problem that is not actually the problem. It is your job to ask questions to get to the core of the problem. The best question to ask them is “How is that a problem”. Eventually you will get to the highest level of the problem and in doing this you will be able to clear away all the problems that exist underneath. The trick is to keep going until you fully understand how the problem is a problem because there is no use hypnotizing someone and giving them suggestions for a problem that is not a problem.

Hypnosis Sunshine Coast People Contemplating Life Now you can also use this tool in self-hypnosis as well. Your unconscious mind is the most powerful tool you have for transformation. It knows everything about you including the stuff that you are denying to yourself at the conscious level. Therefore, you can ask your unconscious mind to lead you into trance and to resolve the issues at hand in a structured manner. You know that voice that you sometimes hear in your head? That is your unconscious mind feeding your information.

So, once you set up the parameters of your self-hypnosis session simply listen to the voice in your head and follow instructions while you are in trance. It takes a little bit of practice but once you get the hand of it, it is a very powerful resource for you.

The Fourth Tool is to be highly creative with words and inventive with the use of your voice to create moments of light and shade. Your client is taking a journey into their subconscious and you are their guide. Therefore, it is up to you to make the journey as pleasant and as effective as possible. If you find it difficult to come up with your own words to say them there are literally thousands of scripts that can be found on the internet and in books. But the most effective scripts come from what the client tells you about themselves and their life. Listen to what they tell you and then wave the magic.

Hypnosis Sunshine Coast Gorgeous Tropical BeachFor instance, if they like the beach, take them on a journey walking along the beach, get them to focus on the feeling of the sand beneath their feet, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, the shriek of a seagull overhead and the feeling of the warm sun on their face, maybe a gentle breeze blowing their hair in their face. Perhaps have them pick up a seashell and tell them that it holds a secret message that they will discover later.

Always bring them to a door and have them open the door and take them deeper down into trance by taking them somewhere else. Maybe have them walk down a long staircase being more deeply relaxed with each step they take.

You can have so much fun with designing the journey. The journey is about freeing them from their problems and at some point in the journey, you are going to give them some specific suggestions to let go of their issues and to take on something new and positive in their place. The more practice you have the better you will become at taking people into trace.

The Fifth Tool you need is to be aware of the person you are working with so that you become aware of the moment that they begin to go into trance. You do this by:

Watching their breathing and physiology. You will notice very easily when their breathing slows and their physiology becomes completely relaxed. You may notice that their pulse slows down; their face muscles relax and become more slack. Their eyes will remain closed no matter how hard they may try to open them.

But the biggest indicator is the drool that slides down their chin the deeper they go into trance. They will also slump in their chair.

The Coaching Muse Young Woman Sleeping on Lawn ChairHypnosis is not a do to process and the person who is being hypnotized has to take responsibility for going into trance. For instance, if I was to say to you “close your eyes and relax the muscles around the eyes so that they are so relaxed that you can’t open the eyes.” Who would have to close the eyes? You of course…. Who would have to relax the muscles around the eyes? That’s Right it would be you. Who would have to keep the eyes closed? Of course, it would be you. So, part of the process of either performing hypnosis on another, or even self-hypnosis on yourself, is to ensure that you surrender to the process. By that I mean that the conscious mind surrenders to the process of communicating with the unconscious mind and doesn’t interfere with the process.

Hypnosis is really fun and can open up so many possibilities for healing and for self empowerment. The only prerequisite is that you have the ability to follow instructions as they are given to you. I’ve had so many people tell me quite proudly that they can’t be hypnotized. What they are actually admitting to is an inability or willingness to follow instructions and I don’t know about you, but that is not something that I would be willing to admit to.

I haven’t asked anyone to quack like a duck. But I have given them suggestions to quack like a chicken from planet Zorgon which was rather fun during a hypnosis stage show. It’s amazing just how creative and entertaining some people can become.

If you haven’t experienced the wonderful relaxing feeling of being in a deep trance, then do yourself a huge favour and seek out a hypnotherapist or buy a hypnosis CD. There is truly nothing like it for rejuvenating yourself.

Hypnosis is highly effective in letting go of addictions like smoking and alcohol but I’ve found it especially great for performance enhancement. Hypnosis can assist you to let go of your blockages and inhibitions and install confidence and success in their place.

It’s a journey that only you can take so why not explore your own possibilities by communicating with your own very special unconscious mind.

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