What is Hypnosis

Welcome to the  exciting world of . Hypnosis is one of the secret keys to changing your  life. Every single day we are all willingly exposed to Hypnosis and are not even remotely aware of it. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state and advertisers and politicians are highly aware of the ways to use it to lull you into a state of trance induced acceptance.

Once you do relax into this state it is possible to communicate with the unconscious mind at a very deep level.   The Unconscious Mind is responsible for running the body and for storing our memories and emotions as well as our negative emotions and bringing those emotions to the surface to be dealt with.  Letting go of negative emotions and beliefs at a deep level can bring about amazing transformation in your life.   Hypnotheapy and hypnosis are in fact one and the same principle except that when you are using hypnosis for the purpose of therapy and changing issues from the past at a deep level or changing habits and addictions it is known as hypnotherapy.

Consider this for a  moment… You’re driving to work taking the same route you take every morning and suddenly you realise you’ve reached your destination and you don’t remember actually getting there…. (scary thought, but just how many times have you actually done it – I know I’ve done it several times.)….

What about late at night and you’re watching television and you begin to feel sleepy so in the ad breaks you close your eyes ever so slightly.  It’s ok for the first couple of ads but then it gets harder to open your eyes and so you decide.. “Well I’ll just listen to the show with my eyes closed”. But then, it’s not long before the “sleep spindles” get you and before you know it you’re sound asleep.  Later you wake up and endeavour to understand the show on television because you only closed your eyes for a moment… right?

Have you ever listened to a meditation CD where you were taken on a guided journey into a blissful state of relaxation?  Guess what, whether you sit and meditate on your own or you listen to someone taking you on a guided meditation journey, you are in fact under hypnosis.

These are examples of naturally occurring hynosis, so you are already good at hypnosis.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. There is nothing that can happen to you within a hypnotic trance that can harm you because you are aware of what is going on around you the entire time.   Your Unconscious Mind is programmed to protect you and so it will not allow you to take any suggestions on board that are going to harm you or go against the principles of your life blueprint.

Most people know hypnosis as hypnosis stage shows and are therefore expecting to have someone “do” things to them over which they have no control.   This is far from the case and in fact is not possible.   The people who get up on stage during hypnosis stage shows do so willingly and they are usually the same people who do crazy things at parties.  When they are in trance they still have the capacity to choose whether they want to do what the Hypnotist is asking or not.  Most people who get up on stage take the opportunity to have fun and be outrageous and then tell their friends they don’t remember.  But until they choose to forget the experience, they remember everything despite their protestations to the contrary.

Hypnosis is extremely useful for changing the way you think at the unconscious level and for enhancing how you communicate with others to ensure a win/win outcome.

When you use hypnosis as an intervention for something like for instance to quit smoking, you make an  agreement with the hypnotherapist and your Unconscious Mind to accept the suggestions and in most cases to forget the suggestions so that they will have the desired effect long after the session.

Hypnosis is not a do to process and the person who is being hypnotized has to take responsibility for going into trance.   Part of the process of either performing hypnosis on another or even self hypnosis on yourself is to ensure that you surrender to the process.  By that I mean that the conscious mind surrenders to the process of communicating with the unconscious mind and doesn’t interfere with the process.

Hypnosis is really fun and can open up so many possibilities for healing and for self empowerment.   The only prerequisite is that you have the ability to follow instructions as they are given to you.  I’ve had so many people tell me quite proudly that they can’t be hypnotized.  What they are actually admitting to is an inability or willingness to follow instructions and I don’t know about you, but that is not something that I would be willing to admit to.

I haven’t asked anyone to quack like a duck.  But I have given them suggestions to quack like a chicken from planet Zorgon which was rather fun during a hypnosis stage show.  It’s amazing just how creative and entertaining some people can become.  

Learning hypnosis opens you to a wide range of tools that can help you to clear away the blockages of the past and also help you to create an empowering and successful future.  Learning about hypnosis and using hypnosis tools can really change your life and you never know where you will end up once you begin the journey!!

If you haven’t experienced the wonderful relaxing feeling of being in a deep trance, then do yourself a huge favour and seek out a hypnotherapist or buy a hypnosis CD.  There is truly nothing like it for rejuvenating yourself.

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