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What is Your Idea of Success?

How You Define the Word Success Determines How You Create and Achieve Success in Your Life

Success is a word that has a million and one meanings.  Here at The Coaching Muse we are totally absorbed with  the idea of being successful and eliminating any of the blocks that stand in the way of creating a successful life.  We are passionate about assisting our clients and students to be the very best that they can possibly be and to live the life that they really want to live and more importantly to live it on their own terms.  But how do you define success?   What does success mean to you?

Success can be having all the wealth and abundance you can handle in your life, or it can be as simple as being alive and enjoying a magnificent sunrise and any number of things in  between.   Before you can be successful you need to define the  word success and what it means to you.  It is the way that you define  success that creates the success in your life.   You can create whatever you want in your life – in fact you do it on an ongoing basis every second of every day.   Imagine what you could create in your life if you applied conscious thought to the process and created your ideal version of success and actually had that come to fruition in your life?

Success is Remembering Your Childhood Dreams of Success

Success is Remembering Your Childhood Dreams of Success

So what is your  idea of success?  What does being successful mean to you? What did you  want for yourself when you were still young enough to believe in the tooth fairy  and in Santa Claus?   What is it that you want for yourself now – you know those secret things that you keep to yourself and don’t share with others for fear that your dreams will be trampled on or even worse you don’t believe in enough to make them into a reality or even far worse, that you are afraid to make happen because you don’t believe at a deep unconscious level that you deserve to be highly successful in your life at everything that you do.   It may seem odd to read that but sadly this is the fate of so many people out there who give up on the dreams that they had as a child for their grownup self.

Success begins with an idea and the idea always comes  from you….  Why don’t you right now make a list of everything that you can think of that reminds you of being successful and from that you will begin to form an image of what being successful really means to you – not someone else’s idea of success but you own.


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