Myths of Hypnosis

Hypnosis – What is True Fact and What is Myth and Not True

Myth – Being hypnotized means losing control. If I give over control I will be forced to do things that I don’t want to do.

Fact – A person in a hypnotic state has full control and does not have to accept or act upon any suggestion that is contrary to their belief system. The Unconscious Mind will not allow you to accept any suggestions that are contrary to your values or different to anything that you wouldn’t normally agree to do in a normal waking state.  For instance if you were told under to go out and rob a bank the chances of you following through with it are remote unless you had criminal intentions in the waking state and robbing banks was something you would be open to doing.  

Myth – Not everyone can be hypnotized. 

Fact – The state of hypnosis is a natural state similar to daydreaming or meditation and can be achieved by anyone interested in being hypnotized. There is no right or wrong way to feel while under hypnosis and the depth as well as the experience itself varies greatly.   Being hypnotized is simply the process of relaxing and following instructions that you are being given.  Whether you choose to follow those instructions is up to you.  People who say that they can’t be hypnotized are simply either not following instructions or they are choosing to prove that they can’t be hypnotized by not relaxing and maintaining control over their state and in the process missing out on the opportunity to experience a wonderful relaxing experience.

Myth – Hypnosis is dangerous.

Fact – Hypnosis is in no way dangerous or harmful either physically or psychologically as evidenced by its acceptance as a therapeutic technique and its widespread use by the medical and mental health professionals.   Everybody experiences hypnosis every single day through the media, advertising, learning at schools, universities, listening to the sermon on Sunday at your church – everyday naturally occuring events have elements of hypnosis to them.

Myth – Some people can’t come out of hypnosis.

Fact – There has never been a documented case of someone remaining under hypnosis. In fact coming out of hypnosis is refreshing and relaxing to most individuals who often compare this feeling to waking up from a deep or restful sleep.  People who have fallen into a deep hypnotic state simply fall into a deep sleep and eventually wake up when they are ready.

Myth – People who get hypnotized don’t remember anything that happened to them.

Fact – People who are hypnotized remember everything as if recalling a dream they just had. The reason that hypnosis is used therapeutically is that positive suggestions or experiences that occur while under hypnosis are processed in the subconscious yet remembered in the conscious unless you are given the instruction to forget.   If you are given an instruction to forget it is usually given in therapy and always with your prior consent to this being part of the specific therapy.   Hypnosis for smoking and weightloss are two areas where instructions to forget something are often given.

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