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Rhonnda Fritz – CEO, Head Coach and Trainer

Rhonnda Fritz

Rhonnda Fritz
The Coaching Muse

Rhonnda Fritz is a modern day Muse who,  for over 17 years, has been totally dedicated to transforming and empowering  people to discover and celebrate their inner magnificence and personal  power.  

She is a highly effective communicator and speaker and  knows how to create success. Rhonnda has many years of experience working in the corporate and private sectors in the areas of finance, administration and human resources.

She is a highly sought after Executive  and Personal Success Coach who has the philosophy that all people have an inner desire to be the best they can possibly be and that they create what they want in life as they go along.

Unfortunately what they want is not always what they get, so Rhonnda teaches them how to read the signposts of life and to create exactly what they want in their life.

Rhonnda is also an exciting, charismatic, transformational trainer in the dynamic field of accelerated human change and development.  She has inspired many around the world to increase their productivity and income, enhance their career prospects, be more successful communicators, set and achieve their desired goals, improve their health and fitness, and has helped many to overcome personal emotional blockages and limiting decisions that prevent them from living the kind of life they want on their own terms.

Rhonnda is a certified trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) with the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programing, a certified master trainer of Coaching, and a certified master trainer of Time Line Therapy(TM) with the American Time Line(TM) Therapy Association.  She is also a certified trainer of Hypnotherapy with the American Board of Hypnotherapy and holds a Diploma in Business Communication.  But these qualifications cannot compare with the wealth of experience, intuition and savviness that she has acquired through the diversity of her life.

Rhonnda began her life with an insatiable desire to know “why” things are the way they are and has been pondering and solving life’s riddles ever since.  Her curiosity and thirst for knowledge  knows no bounds and her clients are all the better for it.   Since  leaving her hometown in her late teens, she has travelled the world over gathering skills and knowledge which she shares with others that she meets along  the way.

Her skills base is widely diverse.   For several years she acted and sang up a storm in the musical theatre until she came to the conclusion that she should get a “real job” and make some real money.

Her next career found her working in finance and administration in both the Corporate and Government Sectors during which time she embarked on several areas of training in business, leadership and communication.

Her third career came at a point when she decided she needed to do work that was meaningful and made a real difference in people’s lives, so she left the power suits behind and emersed herself in what was then her hobby of metaphysics and particularly astrology.   This lead to where she is today.

As a  result of doing astrology and psychic readings for people both by phone and in person, she realised that there were thousands of people out there with serious inner issues who were looking for guidance and seeking new directions for their life.

At the time, she felt that she didn’t have the skills to do anything more than listen to them, tell them why things were happening, throw some light on what was ahead, put virtual dressings on their wounds and refer them to someone who could possibly help.   She already had a wealth of  corporate training in communication, leadership and business practices and had also acquired a variety of metaphysical and spiritual healing practices – but it wasn’t enough.

What she needed was something that would permanently resolve issues instead of putting a band-aide on the wound knowing full well that it would only be a matter of time before the wound was opened  again.

In 1999 she met Dr Tad James, one of the world’s  leading Master Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) and Trainers and also  creator of Time Line TherapyTM and she found exactly what she  needed to really make a difference in not only her own life, but also in the  lives of hundreds of others since.  Under his exceptional tutelage,  she acquired the knowledge that she sought and is now, as a certified trainer of NLP, NLP Coaching and Hypnosis and a Master Trainer in Time Line  TherapyTM, imparting that  knowledge to others who also want to make a difference in their personal life,  in their health, wealth and well being, in their relationships and in their  businesses and careers.

Rhonnda is still a professional astrologer, but these days, rather than predicting the future, she shows people how they can create their future in exactly the way they want.  She does this by helping her clients and students to clear up their emotional baggage, teaching them how to set clearly defined goals and aspirations for the future and how to focus their attention on what they want rather than what they fear.

Rhonnda has discovered a way to integrate Astrology into her business interests because it goes hand in hand with NLP, Coaching, Time Line Therapy(TM), and Hypnosis.  Astrology is a highly effective communication and profiling tool and when you understand the language  of astrology, you have a tool that can tell you everything you want to know about a situation and about people.

In 2005, Rhonnda met Mohamed Nazmy of Quest Travel Tours in Egypt when she travelled to Egypt for the first time on a Quest Travel Tour. During her journey through Egypt she not only discovered that she has strong links to Ancient Egypt but she also had a life changing experience. Three years later during one of her trainings in Australia, she began to develop an idea of taking a group of people to Egypt, sharing the magic and mystery of ancient Egypt with them and along the way giving them an opportunity to transform their life. To

bring this vision to fruition she needed the expertise of her good friend Mohamed Nazmy and his team of expert Egyptologists and Guides. Rhonnda and Mohamed got together for a meeting early in 2010 in Cairo and The Journey to Awakening Program came into being and the travel arm of her business Holidays Egypt was launched providing unique luxury tours to Egypt that are not only memorable and magical but also designed to assist people to change their life in the way that they desire all while they are having a wonderful holiday.

The rest as they say is History.  In 2015, a new Egypt experience was launched aimed at the general travelling public in the Form of Egypt Holidays designed to give the discerning traveller a luxury holiday with private access to the main sites and an opportunity to truly experience Egypt and not just see the monuments and tombs.

Rhonnda also runs workshops and trainings in astrology and coaching from time to time in Egypt in conjunction with Lucid training a Cairo based personal development training company.   She has appeared on morning television in Cairo.

She is also an accomplished platform speaker  and has the ability to inspire and entertain while delivering an empowering message to her audience.   Her style of speaking goes beyond motivation because she knows how to reach people from the heart with honesty and  sincerity.