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Our NLP & Certification Trainings and Life & Business Success Seminars Are a Good Place to Begin

The most important aspect of being successful is maintaining an ongoing program of  personal development trainings & seminars in all areas of your life.   Opportunities came from outside you and so in order to keep attracting the best opportunities for being successful into your life, you have to keep up with the pace of change.    Their are new ideas evolving all the time.  Attending personal development trainings & seminars on a regular basis is also a good way to keep yourself motivated and to meet other people who are on the same track as you.  Networking with people who are on the same pathway to success as you are is an excellent way to find out what is happening around you and often brings unexpected opportunities to your door.

The Coaching Muse has a range of personal development trainings & seminars available for you to increase your opportunities to be successful in your life.  Ckeck out our personal development trainings & seminars below and click the links to find out more about each of the trainings and seminars we have on offer.

Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) Certification Training

NLP Certification Training on the Sunshine CoastWelcome to the exciting world  of Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) – Become a Certified Practitioner and Assist People to Change Their Life and Discover the Secret of Success! Life is a Journey and filled with opportunities for growth both negative and positive every step of the way.  Our NLP Certification Training is approved by The American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programing.

  • Do You WantTo Make Lasting and Powerful Changes To Your Life?
  • Do You Want to Discover Exciting Ways to Create The Life You Want and the Secret to Influencing Others so You Achieve a Win/Win Outcome For All Parties Involved?

NLP Opens the Door to Unlimited  Possibilities For You in Your Life.

Hypnosis Certification Training

Hypnosis Certification Training on the Sunshine CoastOur Intensive Hypnosis Certification Training is designed to accelerate your Hypnosis learning process and is approved by the American Board of Hypnotherapy.  In  just 7 days, you will not only be able to use self hypnosis to enhance your own life, but you will also have the tools to induce trance in others to assist them through hypnosis.

In  just 7 days you will be certified as a Hypnotherapist and will have the skills to make a difference in so many ways. But most of all you will  discover a new magnificent and powerful you that you didn’t know  existed.

Many people take this training in order to embark on a new career or to enhance their  current skills base.  The Intensive Hypnosis Certification Training is the first step towards personal empowerment and success.  Join the thousands of people who have already changed their lives by joining the Hypnosis revolution.

Keys to Success Weekend Seminar

Keys to Success Weekend Seminar on the Sunshine CoastYou already have the  power to succeed within you – you just need to know how to harness the power and  have it working for you rather than against you and thus gaining the successful  advantage on those who don’t know the secret.  The “Keys to Success” Weekend Seminar empowers  you from the inside and changes your ideas of what you think is possible.  Everybody has things that they would like  to change about themselves or their life. What would you like to  change? How would you like things in your life to be different?  The “Keys to Success” Weekend Seminar gives you the power to make those changes quickly, and easily. You can change your life and yourself easily and effortlessly. It doesn’t have to take months or years. It can take weeks or days  or no time at all – the choice is yours. Find out for yourself at the “Keys to Success” Weekend Seminar.

Gaining the Business Edge Weekend Seminar

Gaining the Business Edge SeminarThe way that we do business has been changing dramatically with the introduction of the internet.   It has dramatically levelled the playing field for small business and allows the small players to compete with their big corporate competitors for business.  But it has also dramatically increased the level of competition in the marketplace and now more than ever it is vital to know how to run and market your business for success.

If you are interested  in improving the quality of your life, personally or professionally, then  “Gaining the Business Edge” Weekend Seminar is for you. If you want to create more wealth and  abundance in your life then “Gaining the Business Edge” is for you.

Holistic Hypnosis – Journey to Awakening Weekend Seminar

Holisitic Hypnosis Journey to Awakening SeminarOver the last few years scientists have discovered that the Link between the Mind, Body and Spirit is very real.  Holistic Hypnosis is an advanced technique that allows you to alter memories from the past.  It also allows you to communicate more clearly with your three minds  including your Conscious Mind, your Unconscious Mind and your Higher Mind or some people may know it as your Higher Self.  Holisitc Hypnosis is also about activating the very powerful Kundalini Energy and clearing the Chakras to bring your Mind Body and Spirit into perfect balance.

The Holistic Hypnosis Journey to Awakening Weekend Seminar, it is an opportunity to expand your awareness and to gain personal empowerment on a very deep level.

Unplugging From the Matrix 1 Day Seminar

Unplugging From the Matrix 1 Day SeminarIn this fast paced life that everybody is leading, communication is becoming more and more difficult even though staying in touch and connecting with people is easier than every before through mobile and internet technology.   People are becoming overwhelmed with the amount of information that they are being bombarded with and this is causing a great deal of stress in the community.  The Unplugging From the Matrix 1 Day Seminar teaches you how to unplug yourself from the stress of overwhelm and to be more in control of the amount of information flowing to you.  The Unplugging From the Matrix 1 Day Seminar shows you how to be more in control of your thinking and to be more aware of the subliminal messages being transferred to you every second of every day both from within your own matrix and from the huge external matrix to which you are connected whether you want to be or not.